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I absolutely LOVE your reeds!! I like everything about your reeds– the shape, your meticulous craftsmanship, the scrape. I find that I hardly have to make any adjustments at all to your reeds!! Response, tone quality, intonation, dynamic range. Everything is just as I like it!! I think that you and I have a common link in our choice of reed style. That link would be Pezzi. You studied with Van Hoesen, and he was a student of Pezzi. I studied with George Goslee, and he was also a student of Pezzi. Now I can spend my time on the golf courses, and rely on you for my reeds!!! Thank you again for your EXCELLENT work, Elisabeth. You will definitely be hearing from me again. I just finished playing them again for an hour, and they are WONDERFUL!!!!
Professor Robert Moore
Bowling Green University

Loved them! Really great reeds. the mediums especially – one of them I could just have gone out and played a rehearsal and no-one would have known it wasn’t one of my own reeds. Really wonderful workmanship. I have given your name to several of my students, who, no doubt, will eventually contact you about reeds.
Stephen Walt
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Principal Bassoon, Albany Symphony Orchestra

I am still enjoying my reeds. Thanks! Boy they really make piano entrances in the low register much less “work”.
David in Missouri

Hi Elisabeth,
Your reeds are absolutely perfect, everything I expected and more. They work very well on my bassoon, have just the right amount of resistance, play well in tune and very nice tone quality. Thanks for making such great reeds.
Best regards,
Tom in California

My son Todd has just been selected for Principal Bassoon for our National Youth Orchestra (which is open to players up to 25 years). He’s done well as he is only 16. He’s really enjoying playing on your reeds. Thank you again for your reeds and cane – they are great products.
Catherine from New Zealand

Yes, they are working out very well. My students over the past two days that have had the reeds for a week have broken them in and they sound very good. I just scraped a bit from the tip to make them a bit darker. I am very happy with them and pleased that I now can trust a reed maker for my students. It is a huge relief for me!
Sara in Dallas, Texas

I just received your reeds and I wanted to say thank you. I wish I had discovered your web site sooner. I have been mostly disappointed with the reeds I have purchased on-line and elsewhere, and yours have far surpassed them all: They have a nice sound as well as excellent intonation and response. I’m thrilled!!! Thank you again for the wonderful reeds.
Colleen in California

Just received the reed. It is great! A little different than the ones I make, so I had to take wood out of the channels to get a little more of a defined spine, but it is without a doubt the best reed I have ever ordered. I will be ordering from you from now on when I need reeds.
Thanks again,
Jeremy at Yale University (student)

I have been meaning to write you to let you know that your reeds have been a great success for me. Thanks for the 3 reeds. They play very well, and I just had to sand two of them slightly to make them a little bit softer (I prefer them harder rather than softer so that I can adjust them). I think that they will be a great benefit to my playing. I also like the color orange! I hope to meet you and hear you play someday. I met someone who has heard you and he said that you have a beautiful sound!
Clint in Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been buying for a year now…GREAT sound!!
Phillip in Illinois

You were recommended to me by my daughter’s teacher.
Laura in Florida

The reeds arrived Thursday, and we really appreciate the service and the product. My daughter, Alaina, who is in her senior year of high school is my bassoonist. Using your fine reed, she was chosen for Texas All State Band this morning from a field of 10 at the Area competition. We will certainly spread the word about your reeds. It is so nice to be able to buy reeds from someone with your resume.
Robin in Texas

I love the reeds. I intended to try them to see if they would be good for my students, but I love them. I used one at my faculty quintet practice today! I will definitely tell my students to order from you and I plan to do so as well. Thanks!
Louann in Arizona

Your reeds are great, they sound way better than store reeds and I love them.
Angela in California

All reeds and prepared cane are consistent in measurements and quality, reeds must pass mechanical and performance tests before sold.