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Handmade Bassoon Reeds


Read what people are saying about Reed Expertise!

“Your reeds are absolutely perfect, everything I expected and more. They work very well on my bassoon, have just the right amount of resistance, play well in tune and very nice tone quality. Thanks for making such great reeds.” -Tom

“I just received your reeds and I wanted to say thank you. I wish I had discovered your web site sooner. I have been mostly disappointed with the reeds I have purchased on-line and elsewhere, and yours have far surpassed them all: They have a nice sound as well as excellent intonation and response. I’m thrilled!!! Thank you again for the wonderful reeds.” -Collen

I absolutely LOVE your reeds!! I like everything about your reeds– the shape, your meticulous craftsmanship, the scrape. I find that I hardly have to make any adjustments at all to your reeds!! Response, tone quality, intonation, dynamic range. Everything is just as I like it!!