Student Bassoon Reed


Many bassoon teachers and music educators will agree that commercially-made student bassoon reeds are consistently stiff, difficult to play, and often discourage the new player from practicing the bassoon. This is due to the generic machine manufacture process, excess cane left on key parts of the reed and reeds that are too long and wide. Reed Expertise Student Model Reeds are guaranteed to be stable and easy to play for the intermediate beginner from the first lesson producing a focused, dark sound for the student player who seeks a darker, mature sound. All reeds from Reed Expertise are made from Premium arundo donax cane from the superior Glotin plantation in the south of France. The butt end, back of the reed is designed to fit onto different size bocals used by a variety students. The reeds are tested during the manufacture process for stability, reed is sanitized for purchase. Instructions for care of reeds included. Each reed securely packaged in plastic vial reed case.

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Single Reed, Package of 10