Professional Bassoon Reed (10 Pack)


Professional Bassoon Reeds (10 Pack) are for the highly-selective bassoonist who can only use reeds that provide excellent intonation, wide dynamic spectrum, warm, ringing tone and excellent response in all registers. Reeds do not play sharp in the low register and they play up to the high E. Pro reeds differ from student reeds in that the sound quality is deeper, warmer and richer. If you are an advanced high school student, in college, conservatory, amateur, professional or semi-professional player, you should order a Professional Bassoon Reed.

Premium Glotin French cane is used exclusively for all reeds from Reed Expertise. Reeds are play tested over the manufacture process and sanitized for purchase. Each reed is securely packaged in plastic reed vial for secure mailing.

Special requests for professional reed adaptations are considered. Give me a call.

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