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Welcome to Reed Expertise. Reed Expertise is nationally known for excellence in bassoon reed making.
I provide bassoonists with superior handmade Rookie, Student and Professional bassoon reeds that yield perfect intonation, desirable sound quality and excellent response in all registers of the bassoon. Since 2007, I have been sought after for excellent craftsmanship, meticulous detailing, consistent playing quality of the reeds and quality packaging.

As a bassoonist you don’t want to waste precious practice time with a reed that doesn’t give you the sound quality you want, doesn’t play easily in the high range or is sharp in the low range. My customers tell me my reeds avoid the pitfalls of many other reeds they have tried. Further, the difference from a handmade reed to a machine made commercial reed is outstanding. Machine made student bassoon reeds are consistently stiff, difficult to play, and often discourage the new player from practicing the bassoon. This is due to machine manufacture leaves excess cane left on key areas of the reed and reeds that are too long and wide.